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sqlize.com is an experimental service that allows users to test MySql queries in a live database. The idea spawned from the lack of good online services available for executing and saving SQL queries. sqlize.com is modelled after the concept in similar services like ideone.com, jsfiddle.net, etc.

sqlize.com uses a standard MySql database installation with privileges limited so only temporary table data can be used. Likewise, the number of rows and result sets returned in a query are controlled. Queries can be saved with the PermaLink feature and the generated link can be used for reference, say for example on a stackoverflow.com answer.

I prototyped this site in a couple of days and have been making small improvements ever since in the hope of making the best online SQL query testing service ever! Do you have suggestions on how this service could be improved? Please let me know.

Happy sqlizing!

~ sqlize.com webmaster